Saturday, 5 May 2012

Facial recognition

It wouldn't be the Saturday of a bank holiday weekend without something hitting the mat, would it?

Today, we mark a milestone. The first letter from Hartnell Chanot about you since we last saw you.

We found out this week that Mummy owes the Legal Services Commission £21.5k for part of the costs she has incurred to date, secured on our old house, the sale of which has fallen through in testing circumstances.

Mummy (well, Little Grandad) is now paying solicitors out of her own pocket for the first time, which is good news, as it introduces a bit of equality of arms to things, although little in the way of proportionality, save that they are now using David Cobern, who isn't a fully qualified lawyer - presumably his hourly fee is lower than that of his predecessor, Jennie Read.

Having said nothing for over a year, they want this blog down, just as I have trimmed the content right back to keep everyone sweet.

They have threatened us with various things, including another specific issues order, because they have seen us using your picture for our charitable work, and on here:

"My client would invite you to take immediate steps to remove all photographs of [you] from the website (and any other websites within your control) at your earliest opportunity. Please also provide you [sic] assurance that no further images of [you] will be posted online or displayed to the public by yourself or anyone else on your behalf."

I am a proud father, David. Nobody is going to stop me from sharing old photographs of my little boy. Not least when doing so is part of the process of coping with that fact that I don't even know what he looks like any more.

Love from Daddy

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