Friday, 2 December 2011

Precious word of truth

I've had encounters with ministers from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland this week, the Mayor, and a Christmas tree from Oslo.

On Wednesday, in the company of a friend from Wales, I was at the Palace of Westminster once more, where I was introduced to the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Right Rev. David Arnott, who was in parliament for St Andrew's day. Another affirming encounter, another opportunity for mutual witness, afforded by uniform.Last night, unusually, I was in uniform when Step Mum and I called into McDonalds on the way home from Songster practice, and as a result we ended up speaking to the young man who served us about what we believe, which had stirred interest.

Anyway, I rose this morning after a disturbed night's sleep not expecting what came. I stuck the television on and by chance, as I ran through the channels, noticed that 'Precious word of truth', the programme made by the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in Belfast, was on. It's a favourite of Grandma and Big Grandad's - and I used to often watch it. In fact, I tried to take Mummy to Belfast to see Pastor James McConnell a while back. He's a fabulous preacher, and an inspiring author for anyone who would preach, or plant a church.

Anyway, this morning, I put Pastor McConnell on just as he was reading from the first book of Kings. We have looked at the passage before - almost a year ago today.

I'd love for people to take the time to watch or listen to his sermon in full - but here are some quotes which caught my eye, which are not only pertinent to our circumstances but to many others, too:

"Where true ties of love exist, we seek to safeguard at any cost that which is dear to us, even at the risk of losing it ourselves. That is the character of love."
"Justice required that the other woman be punished for her lies and her fraud - she fades into history."

"If an immoral woman be merciful for the son of her body, and cannot forget her little child, how much more should every christian mother be ready to offer, when necessary, the heaviest sacrifice to deliver her child from moral ruin."

And finally, a warning:

"I know what happened to Solomon... that brilliant, beautiful, anointed young kind, grew older, lost his anointing, and he too went out into eternity. Where is he tonight?

"Solomon was promised long life, longer than this father. David died at seventy... God promised that Solomon would live longer than that; he died at 64... because he didn't keep God's covenant. The promise was conditional."
Focuses the mind somewhat!

 Love from Daddy.