Sunday, 5 February 2012


We're home, after a night on the M25.

We decided to reply to a tweet from someone at Radio 5 Live, and I ended up doing interviews for them three times, for BBC World TV (the lady kindly said she would fix us up with a recording for us), who then syndicated our photographs and film footage to the BBC News channel, where they're still showing it! Step Mum had to answer the next call, which came just as we got moving again, and did a super job on BBC Breakfast TV as we picked our way through Stanmore.

Moments later, it was 'Five live' again, and then three local radio stations wanted a piece of us. I managed to get a 'shout out' to Great Grandpa, on the station which covers where he lives.

At that, we are old news, and having arrive home to find the alarm clock just about to go off, we need to catch up on some sleep. More of our tale later, but for now, one of the particularly special pieces of driving from earlier on this evening. The prime cause of the carnage was a lack of judgement and talent on the part of motorists - mainly drivers of lorries, BMWs and a notable prat in a Bentley, but also this crazy pair...

From being the hottest thing on the BBC at four this morning, we are now rapidly turning into televisual chip paper. That's how it goes, and I remarked to one of the editors that I wished we were in such demand for our story on family justice! Apart from keeping us awake on our epic voyage, we got some useful free practice tonight to make the best use of what opportunities do come our way.

Anyway, we're home safe. I'd better get some rest.

Love from Daddy

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