Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Coach D to the power of 3

Step Mum arrived home late last night with additions for the model railway.

We now have 3 standard class coaches (different numbers but all labelled 'D'!) and one first, for our fGW HST - probably the most emotive of the purchases we have made to populate the 'Land of make believe', since it was the train that brought you to us - and took you away again.

I got out the model of the sea wall which you and I made a start on last summer, to put it on...

The wall needs some stonework, and the beach some fresh sand, but I am reluctant to do it without you. My own model, when I have the chance to build it, will also feature a little boy on the beach, watching the trains go by.

You remain in the forefront of my thoughts, little mate. Lots is going on which I can't speak of just now, but which will become apparent soon enough.

Meantime, spare a thought for Step Mum, who again was up early this morning to catch a train from Paddington, from where you took your leave of us, seemingly for good, last year. She sent me a text to say she was in coach D, too...

We miss you. We always will.

Love from Daddy

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