Sunday, 17 July 2011

Any Happy Returns?


You were born (after much pushing, pulling, brute force and ignorance and use of cutting gear) at 0226; your first hour in this world was spent with a very proud Daddy.


After a health scare and a stay in hospital in Inverness, you got out just in time to celebrate. Friends of Daddy's treated you to a ride with the crew on the (otherwise fully booked!) steam train from Fort William to Mallaig, and you had your first visit to the cab of a steam engine - 'Black 5' 45231 - at Fort William. We played on the beach at Arisaig and blew out the candle in our tent beside the railway line.


Another year, another milestone - but changed circumstances. Your cab ride on 4953 'Pitchford Hall' at Leicester North was another birthday 'first' thanks to Uncle John the driver, and was the first time you had seen me in six weeks, during which time I had been first accused of being mentally incapable of looking after you, and then hospitalised for emergency surgery. Mummy refused to comply with the court order for contact, and we were fearful that you might not spend your birthday with me after all.

We took you to the railway, laid the tables, put up balloons, and Grandma, Big Grandad and the rest of your family from the Midlands came over to join you for a birthday party with a difference! You spoke to Mummy on the 'phone that day, and had a separate celebration with her and your maternal family.


None of the people in the picture above have seen you since December 2010.

We don't know when, or if, the next time will come.

 Happy third birthday, mate. I have sent a card, one of the several presents I have for you, and others from your paternal and church families have done the same. We have no idea whether they will reach you or whether you have any idea where we all have gone, but we have kept plenty of proof - and by the medium of this written form, I hope you will come to understand one day that you were never, ever forgotten - on this special day, or indeed any other.

God Bless You, Son

Love from Daddy - and all the other 'missing' people.

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